Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Spicy Baby Potatoes and Baby Corn

Spicy Baby Potatoes and Baby Corn

I am a lazy person especially when I have to cook. Today I had baby potatoes and baby corn in my fridge. Plus I saw sachets of chilli flakes and herb mix, which were extra when we had ordered pizza from Dominos. Well, I had all ingredients to make the required dish!

Ingredients: 10-12 baby potatoes, 5-6 baby corns, 2 sachets chilli flakes, 3 sachets of herb mix, 1 tbspn cooking oil, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp cumin powder, 1/2 tsp coriander powder, a pinch of fenugreek powder, a pinch of hing, salt as per taste

Method: Cook potatoes (with salt) in a pressure cooker for about three whistles. When cool, peel off the potato skin, and keep the potatoes aside. Chop baby corn into one inch pieces, after slitting length-wise. Heat oil in a wok, add hing and mustard seeds. Lower the heat, and add cumin powder, coriander powder, fenugreek powder, herb mix, chilli flakes, and little salt; mix well, and immediately add potatoes and corn. Toss well. Can eat as is, or can make a roll, or can use as sandwich filling.

For sandwich filling, use sweet bread (from a local bakery). Smear sandwich chilli-spread. Lightly mash the potatoes in the wok, and then spread the mixture on bread slices to make a sandwich. If you have cheese slices, you can use them. Makes a delicious dish for lunchbox even for older kids (like me)!

Note: The dish is spicy; however, when used with sweet bread (and cheese), the spicy flavor get absorbed.


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