Saturday, 15 February 2014

Peg & Pig Kitchen - Dal Chapathi (Moong-Ridge Gourd Dal)

Happy weekend! How has the Saturday been so far? And what's cooking at your kitchen?

For dinner this evening, I use the leftover dal to make Dal Chapathi, and yes, the chapathis tasted yummy. I had cooked dal a day ago, and was sitting inside the fridge. The dal consisted of moong dal, ridge gourd, onions, garlic, green chillies, lemon juice, and tomato. Yes, the dal too tasted yum. But had to be recycled to avoid getting bored of eating same dish repeatedly.

Method of making the dal recipe is simple. Pour the dal inside a bowl, and add sufficient wheat flour in. Mix the dough well. If required, add a pinch of salt. After kneading the dough, you can add a teaspoon or two cooking oil, and knead well. Let the dough rest for a while, and them make small balls and roll them out. Roast (on both sides) the rolled out dough on a hot pan. Serve the chapathis with a spoonful of ghee or butter or curds or chutney of your choice or eat the chapathi as is.

Dal Chapathi made of leftover Moong-Ridge Gourd Dal & Wheat flour

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Peg & Pig Kitchen - Brown Bread Sandwich with roasted Pepper-Zucchini, pickled Gherkins, and Vegs

Hello, and happy Hump Day!

Today's lunch was a Brown Brown bread sandwich with roasted pepper-zucchini, pickled gherkins, and vegs. Delicious and healthy! The only cheat was the use of Thousand Island and Mint dressing sauces (both eggless).

1/4 Zucchini
1 Yellow Pepper
1 ripe Tomato
6-7 pickled Gherkins
A few Lettuce leaves
2 tsps Thousand Island dressing
2 tsps Mint sauce
2-3 slices of Brown bread
1 tsp cooking oil


Wash Zucchini and Pepper. Smear both with a little bit of cooking oil, and then roast them on gas stove. Remove from fire, and then slice them. Slice tomatoes, pickled gherkins, and tear lettuce leaves. Take one slice of brown bread, smear with Thousand Island dressing, put lettuce and other vegetables on the slice, smear mint sauce, and then flip another slice of bread on it. Cut the sandwich in to smaller pieces, and serve. Simple dish yet delicious!

Roasting Zucchini and Pepper, and sliced vegs

Two slices of Brown Bread with vegs and sauces

Finally, Brown Bread sandwich with roasted Pepper-Zucchini, pickled Gerkins, and vegs