Tuesday, 17 September 2013

100 FT - Indiranagar - Bangalore

I'm always excited to dine at 100 Ft restaurant at Indiranagar, Bangalore. Been there a few times now, and each time I visit, the quality of food and service is excellent. Recently, my friend and I planned a lunch date at 100 Ft, and oh yes, we had a great time!   
The restaurant serves Italian, Continental, and Mediterranean cuisines. When we visited, they were hosting the Greek Food Festival 2013. We ordered lentil soup, which was thick and tasty. If you are planning to have a full-course meal, you may want to order a lighter soup. The Peta bread and hummus were divine; the hummus portion was more than we could eat. The vegetarian lasagna was something to die for. The assorted grilled vegetable pizza was delicious!
The staff were courteous, and service was good. One set back was the fact that they served all the main course dishes at once, and the food got a little cold before we ate. Oh, I must mention that the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating; you may want to book outdoor seating for dinner.
That day we not only enjoyed the food but also the rain. Half the time we were gossipping, and the rest half of our meet, we were hogging the food. I am sure that we resembled hungry and noisy pigs. Hey, that's how one has to enjoy good company and good food. :-)
Enjoy your dining experience!

Disclaimer: I write only about my dining experience at the restaurants I visit. I don't receive any benefits (cash, kind, or others) for reviewing the restaurants.

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