Monday, 25 March 2013

Pasta Street - Cunningham Road, Bangalore

We have driven past this restaurant several times. Opposite to this place was Casa Picola restaurant (basement); we loving remember it. Now that Casa is closed, Pasta Street is a welcoming option. They serve low calorie dishes too. How cool is that! Well, they don't serve alcohol; no wine to wash down the cheese. :-)

On one evening, we decided to dine at Pasta Street. Parked our vehicle on the Cunnigham road parking lot, and walked up to the restaurant. The menu board on the pavement offered to tempt people. The restaurant is cozy with indoor and outdoor seating. Flaunts the different varieties of pasta; zoo pasta is fun to see and eat especially for kids.

The staff is courteous, and help you select a dish to suit your taste. I think we tried their meal, which has a soup, a salad, and a pasta served with garlic bread. We loved the salad with vegetables and rocket leaves; the salad dressing was spot-on. The soup was hot and spicy. Opted for Red sauce, and shells and penne pasta.

Our rating: 3.5

If you stopped by at Pasta Street, do share your review.


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