Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Fat Chef - White Field, Bangalore

On one Monday, Rajavel recommended the restaurant - The Fat Chef. I noted the recommendation.

Recently, we visited this restaurant with friends, and we loved everything about the place. The restaurant lies within the Jagrithi theater complex, White Field; provides both indoor and outdoor seating. The architecture and interiors were simple but absolutely beautiful; loved the use of stone on the walls. The garden was well-kept. Yes, you guessed it correct; we opted for outdoor seating.

The table mats were plain book-wrapping paper with the restaurant's logo. The menu is designed to look like a school-slate. The serving dishes were all in White. We were a little confused as to what to order - a nice variety of dishes. Yay, the place serves wine (thought we didn't try any)!

An interesting starter that was ordered was the Mexican Meatballs; meatballs rolled in cornflakes. The dishes of the day that we ordered were Grilled Fish in Mustard Sauce and Chicken Loaf in White Sauce. The vegetarian dishes that we ordered were Lasagna and Spinach-Corn Bake; felt a little heavy but tasted yum.

We had good company, good food, and good experience. :-)

Our rating? 4 Star!


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