Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Peg & Pig's Kitchen - Dark Chocolate Fantasy!

Well, hello! Hope you are fine and exploring different cuisines.

I've always been fascinated by chocolates, and love them. Oh yes, there are days when I, on impulse, wanted to make chocolates at home! I never miss an opportunity to watch a cookery show or read a cook-book, to know more about making chocolates at home. And it's no secret that I've had enough and more of (homemade) chocolates from Ooty and from different parts of the world. Uff... These chocolates are little fantasies wrapped in beautiful packages. How can I not fall in love with them again and all over again? :-)

I had bought chocolate molds (metal and silicon) from the food mall at the 'No.1 @ M. G. Road' mall. This evening I decided to try my hand at making chocolates at home. I broke the dark chocolate bar into small pieces, added butter to it, and melted them in a bowl (placed on a double boiler). Then poured the glossy buttery melted chocolate into the molds, and put them in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

When I removed the chocolates from the fridge and tapped the molds on to a flat surface, voila, the chocolates turned out perfect! Verdict from hubby, FIL, and MIL - "Yummy!" I ate one too; I'm happy with the taste and texture. Lesson learned is 'kick out your fear and try new recipes, and enjoy the experience.'

Have a sweet day!


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