Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Pepper Cafe - St. John's Road, Bangalore

A cold winter evening. Stores decorated for Christmas, and some stores selling decorative items. People returning home after a hard day's work tend to stop and admire the decorative items. Suddenly, they remember that they have a home to go, and they hurriedly walk away.

On such a cold evening, we needed delicious and hot food. Ram's friend, Preethi, had suggested (a long time ago) that we visit Pepper Cafe on St. John's Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore. We drove straight to the cafe, and walked in; only to realize that the cafe opens for dinner after 7:00 pm!

When we returned, a cute Santa on an air balloon greeted us; was hung from the ceiling. Cook books, jars of pickled tomatoes, and jars of pickled gherkins were arranged on a table. Yes, you can flip through the books, and you can also purchase the pickled vegetables. The pickled tomato jar costs Rs. 50 each; a jar of gherkins cost Rs. 100.

One more Santa, resembling a snowman, welcomed us to the first floor of the cafe. Oh, remember that, by default, the cafe staff encourage you to occupy the first floor tables. The decor is warm and friendly. That's what one needs on a cold evening!

The cafe serves wine, and has a tiny bar on the first floor. We ordered minestrone soup with basil, spinach and mushroom lasagna served with garlic bread, and pasta in a rich White sauce with broccoli and vegetables; we chose vegetarian dishes.

The soup not only looked beautiful but also was extremely tasty. The spinach dish was gorgeous. The pasta was truly rich with cheese sauce. However, we felt that the portions were a little too much for one person to eat for dinner; perhaps, for lunch, we could easily polish off the plates. The staff was courteous, and served the dishes as quickly as they could.

Apparently, hummus is awesome and the desserts are something to die for. We didn't taste either of them. Well, there is always a next time! :-)

Our rating of Pepper Cafe:
  • Ambience - Warm decor; indoor seating
  • Restroom - Neat
  • Service - 4 rating (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Food - 4 rating (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Cuisine - Eurasian (vegetarian and non-vegetarian)
  • Smoking - Not allowed
  • Home Delivery - Within 3 kms radius
  • Alcohol - Only wine
  • Value for Money - 4 (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Parking - No parking inside the premises. Unlimited parking on the road.
  • Valet Parking - No


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