Monday, 24 December 2012

Peg & Pig's Kitchen - Whole Green Gram Dosa

One of the easiest and delicious dosas is the whole green gram dosa. This is also known as pesarattu.

Usually, at night after cleaning the kitchen, I plan the next day's menu. Some days are tiring, and force me to think about easy and quick recipes. On such a night, I thought of making dosas from green gram. Quickly soaked 2 small cups of whole green gram, 1 small cup of flattened rice (avalakki), 6-7 roasted red chillies, and 4-5 fenugreek seeds in room-temperature water. Closed the vessel with a lid, and said 'Good night' to my kitchen.

In the morning, drained the water from the vessel, and blended the ingredients (along with salt, half an inch fresh ginger, and a few leaves of fresh coriander) in a mixer to form a smooth batter. On a heated dosa pan, poured a spoonful of batter. If the pan is washed, ensure that you rub half an onion or potato on the pan, and then make the dosas. Along the side of the dosa, drizzle oil; allow the dosa to cook, and then turn it the other side. Cook both sides, and serve the dosa with chutney or curd. I made eggplant and curd chutney.

When I prepared this dosa the previous time, I added finely chopped onions and a lot of fresh coriander to the batter. Instead of red chillies, I had used green chillies. I had also added a spoonful of rice flour to the batter (instead of soaked flattened rice).

Sometimes it's fun to experiment! :-)

What's your version of this dosa?


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