Saturday, 22 December 2012

Peg & Pig's Kitchen - Ginnu

Ginnu (in Kannada) is a sweet dish made from the milk of a lactating cow. In other native languages, Ginnu is known as Junnu (Telugu), Seem Baal (Tamil), Posa (Konkani), and Kharvas (Marathi). Yesterday, I was lucky to get about a litre of this milk. The cow had delivered an extremely healthy calf, and the cow was milked for the first time that day. This milk is nutritious; see

I love Ginnu especially the way my mother prepares it. During childhood, we have eaten Ginnu a lot of times. My mother's acquaintances had farms and cattle, and would gift the lactating cow's milk. Yesterday when I saw my uncle bring this milk, I was mighty thrilled. I got the Ginnu recipe from my mother, and made my version of it.

I roasted one small cup rawa, and also melted sufficient amount of jaggery. In a deep vessel, poured the milk, sprinkled cardamon powder, and stirred the rawa and jaggery in to the milk. You can either heat this mixture, stirring continuously till the mixture starts separating from the vessel, OR you can steam the mixture similar to idlis or momos. I steamed the mixture; got lovely layered Ginnu. After the dish cooled, I blended it in a mixer. Transferred the dish to a bowl for easy storage. Can serve Ginnu chilled, or can dilute it and then serve as a drink. Can use this dish as a spread on breads!

Have you eaten or cooked Ginnu? What's your take on this traditional dish?



  1. WOW. My mouth waters as I read your blog. No, I have not eaten Ginnu, so you have got to get me some sometime :) !

    1. Ginnu is an acquired taste. Next time around I'll first pack some for you, Deepti. :)


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