Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Casa Picola - Indiranagar - Bangalore

We are a big fan of Casa Picola restaurant chain. The ones that were at Koramangala, Residency road, and Cunningham road were our favorites  All these outlets are closed; sad for its customers. When we loitered around the CHM road, we spotted the Indiranagar outlet, and yes, sweet and romantic memories flooded us. We decided to dine there.

We were glad to find one Casa Picola outlet that was still functioning. Ordered macaroni salad (veg), caribbean veg curry, and grilled sear steak. Click to see the menu. Ram liked the grilled sear steak, while I kept wondering if macaroni salad and caribbean curry really has tomato ketchup in it. Both the dishes tasted weird. Obviously, the dishes had deviated from the original recipe or taste! I truly miss our favorite outlets of Casa Picola and miss the taste of the original recipes.

Well, our rating of Casa Picola on CHM road, Indiranagar, Bangalore is an all time low 2. The whole dining experience was terrible (though the service and staff's courtesy was good).


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