Friday, 23 November 2012

Jolada Rotti - Pai Refreshments - Bangalore

Jolada Rotti Oota translates to lunch with its main item as roti made of jowar. We love this cuisine! 

When we were around Majestic area, we visited Pai Refreshments for a jowar roti lunch. Pai Refreshments has been serving the jowar roti lunch for decades now. The hotel also has South Indian snacks, Chinese dishes, Indian sweets and savories, and a variety of juices. Check the menu.

The jowar roti lunch provides unlimited rotis and rice, and is always served on a plantain leaf. A normal thali has three types of curries, one salad, raw onions and fresh fenugreek leaves, Red chilli chutney, papad, jowar rotis, rice, sambar, curds, buttermilk, and a North Karnataka savory. The curries are as follows: brinjal curry, greens and dal curry, and sprouts curry. The brinjal curry is most famous. The special thali also provides chilli bhajji, soup, and dessert. We enjoyed the normal thali, and I loved the buttermilk.

But nothing beats the jowar roti and brinjal curry that my dearest mom prepares. :-)

Our rating of Pai Refreshments:

  • Ambience - Modest indoor seating
  • Restroom - Didn't use
  • Service - 3 rating (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Food - 3 rating (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Cuisine - North Karnataka cuisine, Chinese (vegetarian only)
  • Smoking - Not allowed
  • Home Delivery - No
  • Alcohol - No
  • Value for Money - 3 (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Parking - Limited parking inside the premises. Unlimited parking on the road, if you are lucky.
  • Valet Parking - No

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