Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Queen's Restaurant – Church Street, Bangalore

The Church Street at Bangalore hosts restaurants, eateries, and pubs that serve different cuisines. The Queen's restaurant is a well-known landmark on this street, and serves tasty North Indian cuisine (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian). Wait... It's easy to miss this place, if you are new to the area.

We have visited the restaurant a couple of times, separately with friends. Was a lovely place to dine with friends especially after loafing around the area (and on Brigade road)! The restaurant is small and rustic; been that way for more than a decade. The indoor seating is limited, and the lights are truly dim. Don't worry… Your eyes will adapt to the lighting. 

Remembering the good old days, recently, we decided to dine at the Queen's. At evening, the restaurant gets ready for service by 7:00pm. When we peeped inside the restaurant, nothing seemed to have changed, and restaurant was empty. The stewards were engrossed in watching the cricket match. We, Indians, love cricket; don't we? We hoped that the quality of food was intact or was better than previous visits.

We ordered phulkas, kadai paneer, boondi raita, and vegetable pulao, and a bottle of mineral water. The steward placed two steel plates, two copper mugs for water, a bowl of onions (in vinegar), and pickles in wooden container, on the table. Nostalgic! While we waited for our order to be served, the onions looked so tempting that we could have eaten them all (as a sacrifice to hungry and growling stomach).

After a long half an hour wait, the food was served. The kadai paneer was tasty. The boondi raita was refreshing. However, the phulkas were cold and hard. That's not the only disappointing factor. The vegetable pulao resembled fried rice, and wasn't seasoned at all; absolutely no salt, no spice. Definitely, the quality of food had deteriorated or, perhaps, the chefs were extremely exhausted after the lunch service that they decided to take the dinner service easy or the cricket match was a big distraction for them. I let the steward know about the lack of seasoning so that the next dish coming out of the kitchen may be better.

Our rating of Queen's:

  • Ambience - Limited indoor seating; rustic and simple
  • Restroom - Doesn't have one. Use the restroom common to the entire building, on second floor.
  • Service - Courteous
  • Food - 2.5 rating (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Cuisine - North Indian (veg and non-veg)
  • Smoking - Not allowed
  • Home Delivery - No
  • Alcohol - No
  • Value for Money - 2 (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Parking - No parking inside the premises. Unlimited parking on the road, if allowed and if you are lucky.
  • Valet Parking - No way

Let us know your experience.


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