Monday, 15 October 2012

Laddoos - Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore

A downcast sky. Signs of rain. Chaotic traffic. Growling stomach. What do we do?

Well, we drove to a part of town that we hadn't explored for a while now. We were shocked to see those lovely LIC row houses knocked down, giving way to high-raised buildings; we were walking down the Jeevan Bhima Nagar's main road. This road sports a variety of restaurants that serve different cuisines -  Punjabi, Rajasthani, Chinese, Keral, and other cuisines. We also spotted bakeries, chaat joints, and wine shops. Beautiful was the alignment - eatery, wine shop, medical stores, eatery, insurance company, furniture shop, and others. All the stomach's needs seem to be lined up for a pick, on this street. :-)

We saw the Mast Kalandar board, and walked in; climbed the stairs that led to first floor of the building, only to see the sign - Opens at 7:00pm. Ouch. Our growling stomachs refused to wait, and our legs automatically walked down the stairs and entered Laddoos - a chaat joint. On scanning the menu, we saw dishes that caught our fancy, and we ordered one thali, one plate poori chole, and two glasses of sweet lassi. We waited a while for the dishes, but, hey, anything for hot food on a cold evening. The indoor seating looks neat; however, the seating will get cramped if the place gets crowded.

The phuklas and curries were warm and tasty; the rice was cold. The poori chole was gorgeous. Ram ordered for one plate dahi balla and a plate of jamoon. Dahi balla was heavenly, and so was the jamoon. Oh, remember, that this place also serves hot gulab jamoon. As we sat, gobbling our food, we saw a lot of people walk in and take parcels of food. The eatery sells Indian snacks and savories. Next time, we want to try the dhoklas.

Our rating of Laddoos:
  • Ambience - Simple indoor seating
  • Restroom - Didn't use
  • Service - Self-service
  • Food - 4 rating (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Cuisine - North Indian (veg)
  • Smoking - Not allowed
  • Home Delivery - No
  • Alcohol - No
  • Value for Money - 4 (5 = best, 1 = worse)
  • Parking - No parking inside the premises. Unlimited parking on the road, if allowed and if you are lucky.
  • Valet Parking - Nope
Have you observed that lovely smile that lights the face of fully-fed people? :-)


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