Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The French Loaf - Richards Town

Hello there! Wishing you a happy Gowri-Ganesha festival.

Bangalore is buzzing with activity; vendors have displayed their best produce - vegetables, fruits, and flowers, people are shopping for the festival, and the Ganesha idols are on their way to the homes of the devotees. We saw several boys singing and dancing, while taking home the idols of their favorite God. I love such festivals - helps connect with our culture, our neighbors, and our soul.

Today's drive lead us to The French Loaf at Richards Town, Bangalore. The store is an old colonial bungalow that is customized. The premises flaunts lovely trees - mango, neem, christmas tree, and others. The outdoor seating is under these trees, and protected by garden umbrellas. The store sells vegetarian and non-vegetarian savouries, along with pastries, breads, and custom made cakes. They also prepare a variety of pastas (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian).

We opted to sit outdoors even though indoor seating is available. Surprising, the store was full. With a sigh, we sat and watched the world spin past us. Was similar to watching a motion picture! Well, only that there were several stories of life, several actors, and several audience. Though the place gets crowded, we got our privacy. The mosquitoes had arranged for an orchestra - a blooding-sucking one. Life is beautiful, isn't it?

What did we order? Hmm... Guess! :-)

Our rating of The French Loaf:

  • Ambience - Indoor and outdoor seating (; outdoor can be a bit more cleaner)
  • Restroom - Clean
  • Service - Courteous and Friendly (; can use more staff)
  • Food - 3 rating (Cakes are yum! Pasta needed a little more cheese and seasoning.)
  • Cuisine - European
  • Smoking Allowed - Allowed at the outdoor seating
  • Home Delivery - Yes
  • Alcohol - No
  • Value for Money - Expensive
  • Parking - Limited parking space available at the premises; unlimited outside!
  • Valet Parking - Not available

Tell us how you liked the place.


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