Monday, 17 September 2012

Spiga - St. Marks Road, Bangalore

Long long time ago, there was an old house that was converted in to a lovely restaurant. I've heard that the place was cozy and served good portions of absolutely delicious food. It was easy to miss this place when one drove down the road. But that's just an excuse because several people found the restaurant and have fallen in love with the place.

Well, that's past.

At present, the restaurant is called Spiga, and is located at the fourth floor of Halcyon Complex on St. Marks Road. One fine evening, Ram and I decided to dine at Spiga. As we entered the restaurant, the dim lighting and soft colors reflecting on the White walls attracted us. Yes, the place was perfect for a romantic dinner. (If you see school children - young adults - who change from school uniforms to classy dresses and dine with friends, just don't bother to wonder about their source of moolah to spend at a fancy restaurant. Seriously, how do they get such money?)

The restaurant flaunts a semi-open seating design, allowing fresh air to flow in and out of the building. Observe the mirrors that are added enhance the interiors. The view of UB City is amazing. If you climb up the iron stairs, you can enjoy a smoke and also view the pretty surroundings.

We were happy with the ambience, and settled down for a good dinner. While Ram (the Peg) ordered a drink, I ordered a bowl of tomato-basil-pepper soup. Ram had Citrus fish for main course; I had Italian salad. We found all the dishes served to perfection, and delicious. Check out the other interesting dishes on the menu!

Our rating of Spiga:
  • Ambience - Semi-Outdoor seating
  • Restroom - Didn't visit
  • Service - Courteous and Friendly
  • Food - Delicious (; portions aren't as hearty as the older version of Spiga)
  • Cuisine - European
  • Smoking Allowed - Allowed at the Smoking area
  • Home Delivery - No
  • Alcohol - Served
  • Value for Money - Expensive
  • Parking - Limited parking spaces available at premises
  • Valet Parking - Available

Drop in a line, if you had a romantic dinner at Spiga.


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