Monday, 10 September 2012

Kudla - Richmond Town, Bangalore

Ram, the Peg, had a craving for seafood, and suggested that we visit Kudla. He has tasted food at Kudla a couple of times, and definitely recommends the place. Well, what better way to treat ourselves on a Sunday?

Kudla is on the Raja Ram Mohan Roy road, and caters coastal cuisine. The ambience is decent - wooden ceilings and artifacts from coastal regions, and lamp at the entrance - ooze a warm feeling. The crabs (alive), which you can select, at the entrance talk about the freshness of the food. The menu has an interesting spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. When in doubt about a dish, the staff is more than happy to help.

We ordered prawn tawa fry, anjal fish curry, sanas, malabar paratha, vegetable stew, and ghee rice. Ram loved the seafood, and I liked the stew. The ghee rice, however, needed a little more seasoning - salt and pepper. The sanas and paratha were soft and flaky. Overall delicious food!

Note that lunch thalis are available on during the weekdays. Ensure that you reach the restaurant prior to the rush hour, for a good service.

Our rating of Kudla:
  • Ambience - Good and earthy, and air-conditioned
  • Restroom - Didn't visit
  • Service - Courteous and Efficient (The staff will answer your queries about dishes, and also suggest dishes as per your liking.)
  • Food - Delicious
  • Cuisine -  Indian coastal cuisine (Mangalorean style)
  • Smoking Allowed - No
  • Home Delivery - Within 3.0 kms
  • Alcohol - Served
  • Value for Money - Yes
  • Parking - Available within the premises and outside. However, if other hotels are hosting a party, will be hard to find a parking spot inside the premises. 
  • Valet Parking - Yes 
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