Thursday, 30 August 2012

Peg & Pig... Eh?

I know... It isn't self-explanatory, and it isn't what you think. The Peg & Pig, I mean. :-)

What's it, you ask? Ah ha... One big world. A pretty enterprising guy, Peg, and a pretty Indian girl, Pig, and their quest for good food and drink. That's what the Peg & Pig blog site is about.

As you already know, we love to travel and observe different cultures, cuisines, and places. We have lost count of the restaurants visited, and dishes that we have tasted. Some eat-outs have converted us in to their loyal fans or have attracted us more than once; others have ensured that our first visit is the last.

Well, one evening, we asked ourselves - "Why not share our experiences with our friends?" And that's when the Peg & Pig was born. Hopefully, our reviews will help you discover some gastronomical delights.

Psst... No; we don't get paid to review any restaurants! 

Asha, The Pig

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