Friday, 31 August 2012

Jigarthanda Drink @ Murugan Idli Shop - Madurai

It was my first visit to Madurai, the city of temples, and a fantastic discovery - 'Jil Jil Jigarthanda.' Sounded musical!

On the West Masi street, there is the famous Murugan IdliShop. We met our friend (Sethu) and his family for dinner. After dinner, when we walked out of the shop, Sethu wanted us to try Jigarthanda – a drink that means ‘Cool Heart.’ We stood on the payment, and drank the interest looking drink. Tasted divine!

What's the drink made of, you ask? Jigarthanda is made of milk, China grass, sarsaparilla syrup, ice cream, and sabudana. The combination helps beat the heat especially during scorching summers. Watch the video – The Making of "Madurai Jigarthanda” – on

Funny part was that when we visited the shop the next day, the quality of the drink had decreased. The thick and creamy Jigarthanda became watery and foamy, and of course, the size of the glass had shrunk. Why, oh, why? Well, I gave the steward one look to question about the deteriorated quality of the drink. Sigh... My look was obviously avoided.

Ah, several people were shopping at stores that had announced discount sales (the December holiday season sale), and those people had flocked the Idli shop. Was difficult to even place an order for the drink! When we managed to get the drink, we had to be careful not to spill it on ourselves. Flimsy cups and crazy crowd!

This is our rating for the Jigarthanda drink @ Murugan Idli Shop, Madurai:
  • Taste - Divine 
  • Quality - Thick and Creamy (during non-peak season!)
  • Quantity - Can be a little more!
  • Served in - Flimsy Plastic Cups
  • Entertaining Factor - Fun to watch them make the drink
  • Value of Money - Of course!

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